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InForm is a network of institutions originally funded through FP7 Theme 4: Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials & new production technologies to promote discussions in the field of nanotechnologies

InForm sponsored events under six themes:

  • Formulation of nano-bio materials
  • Handling and processing of powders
  • Processing of soft nanomaterial formulations
  • Physical chemistry at the nanoscale
  • Smart and functional materials in formulations: coatings, films and tapes
  • Safety and health effects of nanoscale materials

The project ran for 3 years, ending 30th June 2012 and organised a major networking event each year, the first one in Sweden, the second one in Singapore, and the last one in Spain. Other satellite meetings were also held.

European scientists interested in the topic of the nanoscale in formulations received funding to travel and attend InForm events and there was also a sucessful researcher exchange programme.

This website is also a product of the project and will continue to be operated by one of the original partners, Automaxion SARL (click here to learn what Automaxion does)


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